Cavatelli With Sauteed Broccoli And Garlic


4 tablespoons olive oil

3 cloves garlic, minced

2 to 3 cups broccoli florets, or to taste


1/2 teaspoon red pepper flakes, or to taste

1 1/2 cups canned chicken broth

1 pound cavatelli, cooked according to package directions

Freshly grated Locatelli pecorino Romano


Step 1:

In a saucepan, heat the olive oil over moderate heat until hot.

Add the garlic and cook it, stirring, until pale golden.

Add the broccoli, salt, and red pepper flakes and cook, stirring, for 2 minutes.

Add the chicken broth and simmer for 5 minutes.

Step 2:

Meanwhile, cook the pasta.

Drain the pasta and transfer it to the saucepan.

Toss with sauce to combine.

Serve with the cheese.

Nutrition Information:

Calories: 350 | Protein: 10 grams | Carbohydrates: 45 grams | Fat: 15 grams | Fiber: 5 grams

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use other types of pasta instead of cavatelli for this recipe?

Yes, you can use other types of pasta such as penne, fusilli, or spaghetti if you prefer.

Just adjust the cooking time according to the package instructions for the pasta you choose.

How spicy is this dish with the red pepper flakes?

The level of spiciness can be adjusted based on your preference.

Start with 1/2 teaspoon of red pepper flakes and add more if you like it spicier, or omit them entirely if you prefer a milder flavor.

Can I use fresh broccoli instead of frozen?

Yes, you can use fresh broccoli florets instead of frozen.

Simply cut the fresh broccoli into florets and cook them as directed in the recipe.

Can I make this recipe vegetarian?

Yes, you can make a vegetarian version of this dish by using vegetable broth instead of chicken broth.

You can also omit the chicken broth entirely and increase the amount of olive oil or add some water to create the sauce.

How long does it take to cook the pasta?

Cooking times can vary depending on the type of pasta you use.

Generally, pasta takes around 8 to 12 minutes to cook.

Follow the package instructions for the cavatelli or pasta of your choice to ensure it’s cooked al dente.

Can I use frozen broccoli instead of fresh for this recipe?

Yes, frozen broccoli can be used as a convenient alternative to fresh.

Just thaw it before cooking and adjust the cooking time accordingly.

Can I substitute vegetable broth for chicken broth?

Absolutely! Vegetable broth can be used as a vegetarian alternative to chicken broth, maintaining the dish’s delicious flavor.

What if I want to make it gluten-free?

You can substitute the cavatelli with gluten-free pasta to make this dish gluten-free.

Ensure that all other ingredients, such as chicken broth, are also gluten-free.

How do I know when the broccoli is cooked perfectly?

Broccoli should be tender but still crisp.

Test it by inserting a fork into the stem; it should pierce easily without too much resistance.

Can I add other vegetables to this dish?

Absolutely! You can customize the dish by adding vegetables like bell peppers, cherry tomatoes, or spinach for extra flavor and nutrients.

Can I make this dish ahead of time?

While it’s best served fresh, you can prepare the components separately in advance and combine them just before serving to maintain the best texture and flavor.

How spicy is this dish with the red pepper flakes?

The red pepper flakes add a subtle heat to the dish.

You can adjust the amount according to your preference for spice.

Is pecorino Romano cheese necessary, or can I use a different type of cheese?

Pecorino Romano adds a distinct flavor, but you can substitute it with Parmesan cheese or any other hard cheese you prefer.

Can I make this dish dairy-free?

Yes, you can omit the cheese altogether or use a dairy-free alternative such as nutritional yeast for a similar cheesy flavor.

Can I freeze leftovers of this dish?

While it’s best enjoyed fresh, you can freeze leftovers in an airtight container for up to 2 months.

Reheat gently on the stovetop or in the microwave, adding a splash of water or broth to prevent it from drying out.

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