Kind Young Man Raises More Than $170,000 For A Walmart Employee To Retire.

The customer informed the Walmart worker, “We are all incredibly proud of you.”

So that she can finally retire after paying off her house, a TikToker has raised almost $172,000.

TikTok user @dbon973_, real name Devan Bonagura, shot to fame after posting a 15-second clip of an old Walmart worker named Nola.

On November 3rd, Bonagura posted a video of a woman he claims to be Nola sitting in the Walmart break room, staring at her lap while wearing a Walmart employee vest and nametag.

“This shouldn’t be that difficult, you say to yourself.” Bonagura captioned the brief video with the words “I feel guilty,” which Bonagura herself wrote.

Over 26 million people have watched the video since it was uploaded to the app, and it quickly became a global sensation. Many of the channel’s followers strongly suggested that TikToker start a GoFundMe to collect money for the Walmart worker.

After hearing the demands, Bonagura set up a GoFundMe campaign with the heading “Let’s help Nola retire” to raise $10,000 for her.

Just the fact that Nola has a job at Walmart is telling. He pleaded with readers to “let’s all come together and help” in the GoFundMe page’s description.

The next day, Bonagura assured his viewers that Nola would “get 100 percent of the money that was contributed” after his original video about the Walmart worker went viral.

“He assured her that all the money raised would be given to her.”

The TikTok then claimed that Walmart had contacted him about the viral TikTok and informed him that the corporation had gotten threats and backlash because of the video. Bonagura claims that the store owner threatened to call the police unless he removed the video and refunded the money to the donors.

I told them to do whatever they had to do, he said, because “I’m getting this money to this woman one way or another.” Bonagura then elaborated that he had only wanted to help Nola because she “looked unhappy,” despite previous claims that he was trying to “scam” her.

After 24 hours, the TikToker made good on his promise and met up with Nola to give her the money he had gathered.

A TikTok user approached Nola and requested that he may film their conversation.

After formally greeting Nola, Bonagura revealed that he had recently posted a video of her to his social media account, prompting an avalanche of demands for financial assistance as she prepared to retire. Then, he informed her that he had managed to raise $110,000 and asked if she would be interested in accepting the money.

He told the Walmart worker, “They observed that you’re a really hard worker, certainly.” “We are all quite pleased to present you with the $110,000 that has been collected in your honour.”

I’d accept it, but I’d still have to work until I pay off the house,” Nola replied. “That would be $70,000 or $60,000. She insisted, however, that the cash would be a huge boon in paying the mortgage.

She said, “I’ll be able to retire as soon as I get that money; it won’t take long now with all that money.” “The house is what’s keeping me from getting back to work.”

The TikTok continued by informing Nola of the overwhelming support she had received.

One of Nola’s relatives transferred the GoFundMe into the Walmart worker’s name, as seen in the video. At the end of the video, Bonagura showed a picture of himself and Nola with the phrase, “We love you Nola.”

Viewers of Bonagura have responded positively and humorously to the act and Nola’s reaction to the cash.

That’s great and everything, but Nola wants to know about the other $70,000. “Maybe excitement just doesn’t run in the family,” one joked, while another said the same thing seriously. But I’m overjoyed for her anyhow.

Someone else said, “This is really amazing, I’m so thrilled for her.” Someone else has said that Bonagura’s activities illustrate the “good side of social media.”

Others stated they were committed to keeping the fundraising efforts going for Nola, and several voiced concern that Bonagura could not find work due to the videos. Somebody suggested, “Let’s get her the extra $70,000 so she can stress-freely pay off her house.”

The official GoFundMe TikTok account also responded to the video, saying, “This is precisely why we exist. Please tell her I appreciate your assistance.

By Thursday, November 10th, more than 12,000 generous donors had already contributed $172,061, surpassing GoFundMe’s initial $10,000 goal.

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