Reuben Sandwich



½ c mayonnaise

2 tbsp grated onion

2 tbsp ketchup

2 tbsp sweet pickle relish

1 pinch paprika

1 pinch salt


12 oz corned beef

8 slices rye (or rye and pumpernickel mixed)

8 slices Swiss cheese

1 c sauerkraut (well drained)

4 tbsp butter


To make the dressing combine ½ cup of mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons of onion, 2 tablespoons of ketchup, 2 tablespoons of pickle relish, a pinch of paprika and a pinch of salt, in a small bowl.

For the sandwiches lay out 8 slices of rye bread. Place a slice of cheese on each slice. Spread 1 tablespoon of the dressing on each slice. On four slices add beef. On the other four slices add sauerkraut. Pair one slice with corned beef and one with sauerkraut to create a sandwich.

To cook the sandwiches, butter the side of each sandwich. Heat a skillet, over medium-low heat and place the sandwiches butter side down in it. Butter the other side well. Loosely cover them with foil. Cook until they turn brown on one side. Then flip them over. Cover again to cook until the other side becomes brown and the cheese has melted.


You can easily turn this Reuben Sandwich into a gluten-free version! The key is to switch the rye bread with your gluten-free bread.Make sure to choose a variety that has a texture and can handle grilling.

This way your sandwich will still have its crunch and structure. Also be cautious, about the ingredients, like corned beef and pickles; make sure they are labeled as gluten-free since some brands may add additives or seasonings that contain gluten.

By making these substitutions you can savor all the tangy flavors of a Reuben Sandwich while sticking to your gluten-free diet.

Nutrition Information:

YIELDS: 4 | SERVING SIZE: 1 Reuben Sandwich

Calories: 710 | Total Fat: 48g | Saturated Fat: 19g | Trans Fat: 1g | Cholesterol: 132mg | Sodium: 1735mg | Total Carbohydrates: 36g | Dietary Fiber: 5g | Sugars: 7g | Protein: 33g | Vitamin D: 0.5mcg (3% DV) | Calcium: 500mg (38% DV) | Iron: 3.5mg (19% DV) | Potassium: 480mg (10% DV)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I make the Thousand Island dressing ahead of time?

Yes, you can prepare the Thousand Island dressing in advance and store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 1 week.

This allows for convenience when assembling the sandwiches.

Can I use a different type of bread for the sandwich?

While rye bread is traditional for a Reuben Sandwich, you can use other bread options such as sourdough, whole wheat, or gluten-free bread if preferred.

Choose a bread that complements the flavors of the sandwich.

Can I substitute the corned beef with another type of protein?

Yes, if you prefer, you can substitute the corned beef with pastrami, roast beef, turkey, or even vegetarian alternatives like tempeh or tofu for a different twist on the classic Reuben.

How do I know when the sandwiches are done cooking?

The sandwiches are done cooking when the bread is toasted to a golden brown color and the cheese has melted.

The internal temperature of the sandwiches should be hot throughout.

Can I use store-bought Thousand Island dressing instead of making it from scratch?

Yes, if you prefer, you can use store-bought Thousand Island dressing instead of making it from scratch.

Just ensure to choose a quality dressing that complements the flavors of the sandwich.

Can I use pre-made Thousand Island dressing instead of making it from scratch?

Yes, you can use store-bought Thousand Island dressing if you prefer to save time.

However, making it from scratch allows you to adjust the flavors to your liking.

How can I ensure my sandwiches are gluten-free?

To make gluten-free Reuben Sandwiches, use gluten-free bread and ensure that all ingredients, such as the corned beef and pickles, are labeled gluten-free to avoid any cross-contamination.

Can I substitute another type of cheese for Swiss cheese?

While Swiss cheese is traditional for Reuben Sandwiches, you can substitute it with other cheeses like Gruyère, Emmental, or even cheddar for a different flavor profile.

Can I make the sandwiches ahead of time and reheat them later?

While Reuben Sandwiches are best enjoyed fresh, you can assemble them ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator.

Reheat them in a toaster oven or skillet until heated through before serving.

How do I prevent the sandwiches from becoming soggy?

To prevent the sandwiches from becoming soggy, drain the sauerkraut well and pat it dry with paper towels before assembling the sandwiches.

Additionally, avoid adding too much dressing to prevent the bread from becoming too moist.

Can I use a different type of meat instead of corned beef?

Yes, you can use other deli meats such as pastrami, roast beef, or turkey as substitutes for corned beef.

Choose your favorite or experiment with different options for variety.

Can I omit the butter when cooking the sandwiches?

While butter adds flavor and helps achieve a crispy exterior, you can omit it if desired.

However, the sandwiches may not have the same rich taste and texture.

What are some side dishes that pair well with Reuben Sandwiches?

Classic side dishes like coleslaw, potato salad, or a simple green salad complement Reuben Sandwiches nicely.

You can also serve them with chips or pickles for a complete meal.

Can I make this recipe vegetarian or vegan?

Yes, you can make vegetarian or vegan Reuben Sandwiches by substituting the corned beef with plant-based alternatives like tempeh, seitan, or marinated tofu.

Use vegan cheese and mayonnaise to make it fully vegan.

How do I adjust the recipe for a larger or smaller crowd?

Simply adjust the quantities of ingredients accordingly based on the number of servings you need.

You can easily scale the recipe up or down to accommodate different group sizes.

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